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Interactive Pin Map

Manage Your Locations With JIMAPCO’s Interactive Pin Map!

Manage Your Clients, Customers, or Other Locations On A Map!

JIMAPCO’s Interactive Pin Map enables you to see locations on an easy to use map that can be modified by you!

A great tool to see the overall picture of WHERE your business is, use our Pin Map to organize and keep up-to-date with your customer’s locations, your deliveries, or your field staff.

Here’s how it works:

Send us a list of your clients, customers, staff, or other features you want mapped. We then carefully plot each location and provide you with an online map showing your data. You can include any fields in the data you’d like – names, sales numbers, services needed, etc. Everything you provide can be shown in a pop-up on the map when you click on the location.

Here’s the great part – as the information changes for your locations, YOU can change it on the map! Want to show monthly sales for each location? Just click on the feature and change the data! Or, we can have the map read your internal data and update itself. Need to add some new locations, or move existing ones? No problem, just click, move, and save! You control what’s on the map! Your map is never out-of-date!

We can customize the way the map looks to help you see patterns or trends. Do you need to see where sales are highest? We can show that with differently sized symbols, so you can easily spot these locations. Do you want to see each day’s deliveries with a different color? No problem, and if you adjust the delivery day for a location the symbol color automatically changes. Do you need to see where each rep’s clients are, or adjust clients from one rep to another? No problem. Just click on the symbol, choose the new rep from a pull-down menu, and save.

We customize the map so only YOU, or those you entrust with the password, can modify the map. You can decide who sees the map and who can modify the data: just you, selected individuals, your entire organization, or everyone.

Who could use this map?

  • Sales managers – see your staff locations, monitor sales volume, organize territories
  • Health organizations – show facility locations, identify resources
  • Delivery services – manage delivery runs and territories
  • Marketers – show what areas are most productive, identify target markets
  • Any organization that has field staff, multiple locations, or dispersed clients and customers

Want to try it out? Take a test drive of our sample Interactive Pin Map by clicking the map below.

Interactive Pin Map

JIMAPCO’s Interactive Pin Map is the easy, economical, and efficient way to keep track of your business on a map.

And, there’s more! We can port your map to mobile devices. So users could see locations and data while in the field. You can control the data from the home office, while your staff sees the most up-to-date information on their smartphone.

And, there’s even more! We can also take your locations and plot them on a giant laminated wall map – to hang on your office wall. (note: wall map is not interactive!)

JIMAPCO’s Interactive Pin Map – it’s cool!

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