This online guide was derived from trail information from the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association. Since trails may change frequently for many reasons, or may be shown imprecisely on the map, this guide is not intended for navigation, but for general information. Please contact the local snowmobiling clubs for more detailed information about the trail system.

Notice to clubs: to include additional trails on this map please contact phein@jimapco.com

Instructions on using JIMAPCO's
New Hampshire Snowmobile Interactive Map

The Map

The map shows snowmobile trails in New Hampshire for the 2017-18 season and the local clubs in the state. The user can pan and zoom the map to view different locations at various levels of detail.


The map uses red and green lines to show snowmobile trails. The trails with thick red lines are corridor trails and are labeled with red shields. The ones with thin green lines are primary trails and are labeled with green shields. Trailer parking areas are shown with a blue P.


At higher zoom levels the map displays labels with club names. Clicking on these labels will open an infowindow displaying information on the club. To hide the labels uncheck the "Clubs" box in the panel to the right of the map. To find an individual club, select the club's name in the alphabetical listing under "Clubs" in the panel to the right of the map. The map will then zoom and center to the club's label on the map.


To find a location on the map, enter its full address, locale or zip code in the "Find Locale" box in the panel to the right of the map. Upon clicking the adjacent "FIND" button, the map will zoom and center to the location and a labelled star will appear. Nominatim Search Courtesy of MapQuest. Data provided by Nominatim is based on OpenStreetMap data and is licenced CC-BY-SA

Other Useful Maps

At the bottom of the panel to the right of the map are links to other maps that show snow cover and gas prices. These links will open in a new browser window or tab.

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