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Founded in 1966 by Jim Fisk, JIMAPCO, Inc. has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with its customers by providing the best quality “Maps to swear by.. not at!”

Now, 50 years later, JIMAPCO has undergone a few big changes.  Dave and Chris Fisk, the owners of JIMAPCO, retired in July 2016, and have passed the business on to long-time JIMAPCO employees.

Map Making – JIMAPCO’s cartography department has been assumed by long-time Manager of Production, Paul Hein. Paul and his staff continue to create JIMAPCO product, whether it’s in the form of retail maps or Custom Mapping Solutions. Paul will be expanding the B2B Custom Mapping operations, continuing the tradition of working one-on-one with corporate customers to create digital and paper mapping solutions to address a broad spectrum of corporate needs. Whether it’s a framed map for the boardroom or a multi-layered location intelligence system on the computer, Paul will carry forward JIMAPCO’s 50 year commitment to create solutions for a myriad of business challenges. As one customer said “One map is worth a thousand spreadsheets!”  Give Paul a call to discuss how your business can benefit from a customized map at 800-627-7123.

Distribution – JIMAPCO’s independent distribution partner, Jimapco Distribution Services, operates throughout the northeast US, servicing retailers with maps, atlases, greeting cards, and other quality products.

Retail –  JIMAPCO’s Online Store has not changed.  It’s open and operating as usual at www.jimapco.com. JIMAPCO’s “brick and mortar” retail store in Round Lake, New York was closed in July 2016, but you can still browse JIMAPCO maps at a new location:  Long-time JIMAPCO employee Sherri Odell has opened an outdoor-themed store in Parkwood Plaza in Clifton Park called Wilderness Water and Woods, where she will sell JIMAPCO maps and atlases and other map products formerly found in the JIMAPCO store.  Sherri will also manage JIMAPCO’s phone sales at 800-627-7123.