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Delivering Across All Platforms

In today’s information age it’s important to get your message across using all available means. With maps, we have several methods to share information and provide opportunities for information dissemination.

A good example of this is our current series of maps we’ve developed for the Saratoga Builder’s Showcase of Homes. This event occurs each fall in Saratoga County, NY and is a great way for the public to explore new home sites and learn about area builders and associated services. Showcase participants tour the homes located throughout the county, so it’s critical to offer accurate information in the form of maps to the public.

We do this using several methods:

  • An interactive web map accessed through the Showcase of Homes website – a great way to learn about the homes, plan your route, and get excited about the tour
  • A mobile map optimized for smartphones that shows directions to each site from your current location – important as your tour from home to home
  • A downloadable PDF file that users can print at home showing site locations with printed directions – great for taking in the car
  • A printed map with directions included as part of the Showcase of Homes Brochure

So, no matter what method you use to plan your visit and get from home to home . . . using a computer, a mobile device, or a printed map . . .  we’ve got you covered. With these series of maps the Saratoga Builder’s Association delivers their message across all platforms.

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