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Turning problems into solutions

One of our most common requests is to show a map of customer locations, sales territories, or facility locations. Yes, we could always do that but the next question would always be “and how can I update it when my information changes?”

Anyone that uses maps knows that information is always changing. Having a wall map or a computerized map of your customer locations is only accurate until that first change. And that usually happens before you get the map on the wall or turn on your computer. Then what do you do?

Our map programmers have come up with a solution: our Interactive Pin Map. This computerized map enables customers to modify their map in real time. Add or change locations, update information, or stylize locations according to data, all at the touch of your keyboard. It’s simple to use.

Each Interactive Pin Map is custom designed for our client. See exactly what you want to see, and when your data changes, the map changes, too.

Our Interactive Pin Map – easy, efficient, and economical!

Learn more, or take a sample map for a test drive, at www.jimapco.com/interactive-pin-map.

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