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MAPS! Everywhere you look – MAPS!

Maps are everywhere!  Weather maps, news maps, political maps. Maps on your phone, on your tablet, maps showing where you “checked in”, where your friends are, even maps on your dashboard telling you what lane to get in. And the media has realized that people really like maps; you’ll see maps incorporated into news stories everywhere, every day. A story on some far-off place will frequently start with a map zooming from space down to the point of interest. Or a local story in your newspaper will often highlight the neighborhood with a map. You can’t get through a busy day without seeing a map!

So you can see why we are surprised here at JIMAPCO when people come up to us and ask “do people still use maps?” YOU BET! And much more frequently than they ever did before! It’s just that the traditional idea of a folded sheet of paper in the glove compartment of the car has been supplemented by technological advances in information delivery. So now a person will see a map on their phone, on their tablet, on their GPS, and on their television screen. And also, in the glove compartment of their car.

JIMAPCO, at its core, is a map-maker. We are still, after 46 years, compiling, organizing, stylizing, and modifying map data to create maps, be they in paper form for distribution to stores or in online form for the zillions of internet-related uses for maps. In fact, we are doing it much more than ever before. So now, in addition to printing those giant sheets of paper and then folding them down into a manageable size, we also make them available online, for iPads, tablets and phones. Mapping is exciting these days, and we’re tackling the new opportunities with creativity and enthusiasm!

Take a look at the samples of our work in our Map Room (www.jimapco.com/maproom). School district boundaries?  We do that.  Real estate maps?  We do those.  Interesting Ancestry maps? They’re in the Map Room.  You can browse to see what interests you. If you have some ideas about a map that would help your business, or need a map display for your store, let us know.  We look forward to working with you.

One response to “MAPS! Everywhere you look – MAPS!”

  1. Tim Carson says:

    I see you’re doing a lot of these maps for businesses. I’m looking to get my territories mapped out so I can see them on my iPad.

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