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GOOD NEWS – the fact that we can get just about any information we want on our mobile devices is awesome! Social connections, on-the-spot answers, tv, data, weather, videos, schedules, maps, directions — you name it, it’s there.

BAD NEWS – the access is phenomenal, but for some things, the size is tough. Trying to THINK BIG when you’re looking at a small screen can be a real challenge. Try to visualize relationships, distances, or alternatives when you’re peeking at an image that fits into the palm of your hand. Ouch! It  can cramp the brain.

GOOD NEWS – Let’s be clear, we like (OK – WE LOVE!!!) maps on smartphones! We design and create mobile map apps for many of our clients. As navigational tools, maps on phones can’t be beat.

BAD NEWS – But, when it comes to thinking, strategizing, seeing relationships and developing solutions, mobile maps have one big drawback. They can’t show us the BIG PICTURE and if you’re going to be a BIG THINKER, you need the BIG PICTURE.  Critical questions, like ‘What is near here”, or “how far is it to a larger city” or “what does my entire sales territory look like?” are the sorts of questions that require THE BIG PICTURE.

GOOD NEWS — What’s old is new again!  More and more businesses, executives, sales people, vacationers, and general  travelers planning a road trip, are realizing that the BIG PICTURE helps them to THINK BIG!  Looking at the BIG PICTURE — on wall maps that can reside in 3 foot x 3 foot glory beside your desk, or paper maps that can fold up in your car or lay out on the kitchen table to plot a vacation, provide the essential “rest of the story” backup to the handy, nifty, and terrific map apps.

JIMAPCO makes online maps. We make maps for iPads and other tablets. We make maps for smartphones. In fact, we provide some of the most state-of-the-art mapping solutions you’ll find anywhere.

And we ALSO make those awesome BIG PICTURE paper maps —  to read while you’re riding in the car. To put up on your office wall. And to lay out on the kitchen table and show the kids what a fantastic summer vacation they have in store!

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