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Mobile Maps & Apps

JIMAPCO enables you to optimize your map audience with our MOBILE FIRST/RESPONSIVE MAP TECHNOLOGY!

With this technology you can show a customized map of your community (Chamber of Commerce, Historical Association, Downtown Business District, University, etc.) that is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. We don’t just take an online map and squeeze it onto your phone; features and functions are designed for the smartphone, are handy to find and easy to use. And our maps run on all devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

These are some of the functions incorporated into our MOBILE FIRST/RESPONSIVE MAP TECHNOLOGY:

  • Customized cartography – designed to meet the needs and style of each client
  • Feature listings – members, facilities, etc. categorized by amenity and quick to find on the map
  • Locate Me feature – see where you are on the map
  • Zoom to locales – quickly find a predefined area of interest (downtown area, stadium, park, university, etc.)
  • Layers – turn feature categories on or off
  • Nearby locations – see what members, facilities, or businesses are near your location
  • Detailed information – see pertinent information about a feature, with links to contact info
  • Tours – follow tours (bike routes, nature tours, historical tours, etc.)
  • Videos – link to videos of local features – a great educational tool, especially for tours!
  • Pre-selected sets (restaurant types, pet friendly hotels, etc.)
  • Load from web link, URL, or scan a QR code

Find out how your organization can use MOBILE FIRST/RESPONSIVE MAP TECHNOLOGY for your benefit! Contact us today!