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Chamber and Tourism Maps

Visitors to your region need maps to help them discover opportunities and adventures. Enhance their visit with a custom designed map from JIMAPCO! We have decades of experience to help present all that is great about your community, whether that be an online map for your website, a responsive smartphone app, or traditional paper maps. Well organized, colorful and easy to read, our maps are packed with information about businesses, recreation, dining, shopping, natural resources, education and more. See some examples below:

Saratoga Tourism Bureau Washington County Tourism NYS Underground Railroad
Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce Midwest Fiber Arts Trails Schoharie County
Saratoga County Colonie Chamber of Commerce Museums

  • Custom designed maps using the highest cartographic skills available anywhere! We know how to make beautiful maps that tell your story clearly and effectively. Our maps are customized for you; we don’t rely on those generic maps made by Google, Apple, or Bing. We believe you want to stand out from the crowd, and by using a customized map by JIMAPCO you can do just that. We show the places that make your community unique, we highlight the features that you want to highlight, we create your map the way you want it to look. And, since we’ve been making maps forever (well, since 1966) we’ve developed the skills and have built the relationships that enable us to produce a map in the most efficient and economical manner.

  • Mobile Maps that take advantage of the features of your smartphone. Just about everyone has a smartphone today; Mobile Maps allow you to reach these customers as they explore your community. Our mobile maps have a responsive design that is optimized to function on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device (all without having to download an app). With the technology available, you can

    • see your current location

    • categorize members, venues, and opportunities

    • zoom to member locations

    • see what members are nearby

    • show details such as contact info, photos, logos, and weblinks

    • link to YouTube videos right on the map (great for tours)
    • show layers of information that increases the effectiveness of your map

    • incorporate tours for art, history, agri-tourism, recreation, and others
    • get driving, walking, or transit directions

    • open the map by scanning a QR code or URL 

 Watch a short video on our Mobile Map

  • Online Maps that show your area in its best light. This is usually where you make your first impression – with a map on your website – presenting your community at its finest. This is where you want to capture prospective visitors, enticing them to explore further. This is where you promote your membership, giving extra value to your website by including tours, travel themes, and opportunities. This is where you need a clear, functional, eye-pleasing map from JIMAPCO. Our philosophy after observing people use our maps for 50 years: maps need to be simple to use, easy to understand, and visually appealing. Your JIMAPCO map is just that, and more:

    • uses our responsive design to present the same custom map across all platforms (smartphone, tablet, computer) which enhances comprehension

    • shows all features important to you, including businesses, points of interest, tours, etc.

    • can be presented on your website within an iframe – visitors can use the map without leaving your site

    • highlights your members in an easy-to-use format

    • enables prospective visitors to see the complete picture of your community

Watch a short video on our Online Map

  • Traditional Paper Maps using the highest quality cartographic standards. Frequently overlooked these days, traditional paper maps are still the number one choice for many tourists. Don’t overlook a critical element of the traveling public. Our traditional paper maps are

    • easy to read, easy to fold

    • custom-designed to your specifications (color, size, area included, etc.)
    • come in a variety of paper sizes and styles

    • also available in our handy “map passport” style, a popular keepsake


  • Maps that combine Style with Function. We continually update your online maps throughout the year. And, if you have a special event that needs specialized mapping, we do that too! Do you have a function that’s coming to town that needs to identify certain locations on a map? We can do that. And, we give you a unique URL that the function can use in their promotions. Want to show an historical tour of your city with videos? We can add that to your map, and link each stop to your YouTube videos. Would you like to show agri-tourism sites in the summer and fall? It can be a layer on your map! Your map can be customized in an unlimited number of ways.


  • Maps that go anywhere and everywhere. By offering custom maps using JIMAPCO’s reactive map technology, your maps can go anywhere and everywhere! What’s this mean? You already know your maps will work on all devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, BUT THERE’S MORE! You maps can go on your website, or any page in your website. We can place your map using iframes so they appear on appropriate pages, and we can filter the map’s layers so they show what your webpage is all about. Want to show historical sites on your History page – we can turn your history layer on when users are viewing this page! Or show your art tour on your Arts page. Show restaurants on your Restaurants page, wedding venues on your Weddings page, etc. It’s cool! And there’s even more!!! We can filter the map to show individual locations centered on the page, with layers turned on or off according to what makes sense. Do you have a resort that could use your map on their website? We can fine-tune the map so it centers and zooms to the resort, and then the resort can use your map on their website. Or a university. Or an event. Or anything else. The possibilities are endless. And AWESOME!


Who can take advantage of JIMAPCO’s map products? Here’s a partial list:

  • tourism bureaus

  • chambers of commerce

  • downtown improvement districts

  • historic areas

  • agri-tourism promoters

  • colleges and universities

Highlight your community with a beautiful customized map, available as an online map, mobile app, or paper map.

Find out more about how JIMAPCO’s Map program can enhance your community while adding value to your members. Contact us using the form at top-left or call us at 518-899-5091.

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