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Why a UGRR New York State Map?

The New York State Network to Freedom map is a collaborative project designed to enhance the cultural heritage tourism opportunities in the state by promoting Underground Railroad sites, programs and tours that tell the story of enslaved people seeking freedom and those who helped them. New York was a bastion of the UGRR and anti-slavery movement. The Erie Canalway and Hudson River served as critical modes of transportation for freedom seekers and were one of the primary ways they reached safe havens through-out New York State.

How to be added to the New York State Map?

Sites, programs and tours included on the map are those that have applied to and been accepted by the National Park Service Network to Freedom program or the Underground Railroad Heritage Trail. Sites or programs that wish to be listed should join the Network to Freedom and be publicly accessible, non-profit, church or government owned.

How do I use this New York State Map?

This map can be zoomed and panned. Click the "+" button on the upper right hand corner of the map to zoom in. The map will display greater detail of the zoomed area. Click the "-" button to zoom back out. The map has ten zoom levels. To pan to other parts of the map, hold down the mouse button and drag the cursor in the direction you wish to move the map.

The stars on the map indicate locations of Underground Railroad related sites. The color of each star indicates which category the site falls under as shown on the list to the right of the map. Hover the cursor over a star to display the name of the site. Click on the star to show details about the site.

Use the list to the right of the map to locate particular sites. Clicking on a category name will reveal the list of sites in that category. Hovering the cursor over the site's name in the list will highlight and display the name of the site on the map. Clicking on the site's name will zoom the map to the site's location and show details about the site.

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