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Ticks are found from coast to coast.  Several prevalent species of ticks carry dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, babesia, Bartonella, and others.  Be prepared to remove ticks the safe and easy way WITHOUT squeezing the contents of the tick into the skin!  The O’Tom Tick Twister gently and thoroughly twists the entire tick out of the skin of people and animals.  Highly recommended by physicians and veterinarians.

Check out this video on how to properly remove a tick:



Tick Twister: Small and Large Twisters in a convenient, reusable carrying pack.


  1. Tim Anastasio

    If you do any research on the web, you find that this is just about the only item out there to removes the little blood suckers the way it should be done. Don’t squeeze the poison from them back into your pet or use vaseline like products. They secrete fluids back into your pet to get away.

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