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Wall Maps

Wall Maps Show You the BIG PICTURE!

Regardless of your industry, territory, or project, you can’t get your work done if you don’t have the big picture. There is no substitute for a detailed wall map of your area to help you define opportunities and help you to chart your progress.

JIMAPCO can create your unique custom wall map to include as much or as little information as you need: your specific territory or region, your locations, your customers and your data. Our high quality cartography and decades of experience yield a map you will be proud to frame for your boardroom, sales office, or wherever you need to see the big picture.  Contact us now for more information.


Wall Maps

NY State

New York State Wall Map

New England Wall Map

Northeastern USA Wall Map


New York Capital Region Wall Map

Greater Capital Region, NY

Customized Wall Map

 Customized Multi-State

Wall Map