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Big Changes at JIMAPCO

JIMAPCO’s owners, Dave and Chris Fisk, have decided to retire. JIMAPCO, started by Dave’s father, Jim Fisk, will celebrate it’s 50th year by passing the baton on to its long-time JIMAPCO employees.  Paul Hein, Manager of the Cartography division will assume the map-making operations, both retail and custom.  Paul has been  at the helm of the map design, development, and creation process for nearly 30 years, so he will forge into the future with a very solid base of experience, insight, and vision.

The MapStore on Route 9 has closed, but the Online MapStore remains open. We also take phone orders at 1-800-627-7123 or 518-899-5091.   Long-time employee, Sherri Odell, will continue to manage the online and phone order systems.

We would like to thank all our customers, dealers, suppliers, and friends for 50 terrific years!  And we wish  the best of luck to our intrepid employees who move the business into it’s next chapter.


5 responses to “Big Changes at JIMAPCO”

  1. Paul Hortop says:

    Thanks for some great maps and atlases over the years.
    As a tour bus driver, these have been a great help in my travels.

  2. Kathey Ralls says:

    My husband has a small knife he has had for years , we believe his father gave it to him years ago . His father has passed on so we can’t ask him . Was the little knifes gifts . On the front of the knife it has
    Jim’s Apco 1001 west 3d .

  3. John Thomas says:

    I’ve been using Jimapco maps since the late 80’s and as a NYS resident, find them invaluable for pinpointing local destinations.
    I am an older guy and when GPS became the standard way to navigate, I would defend my maps (not just Jimapco) saying they were more reliable. But as with any new technology, GPS soon became my new standard. The main advantage being one can type or say a destination and let the navigation do the rest.
    But just today my wife and I took a ride through the Catskills on Peekamoose Rd. and I knew I would not get GPS reception so I went to my map drawer and broke out the old Jimapco Catskills Map. It was very refreshing being able to unfold that map and pick out all the roads we wanted to travel, something not easily done with GPS especially with no reception!
    So I hope hard copy maps and Jimapco will be around long into the future. I think they are a treasure and irreplaceable.

  4. Elizabeth S says:

    Love your maps – very dependable – love your logo – it’s true – maps to swear by — not at. Congratulations on your retirement. Best of luck to Paul, Sherri and the rest of the staff.

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